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Wake Up and Smell the Great Savings

Each year I look for those tear jerking commercials that feature the reunion of a long-lost son, or soldier coming home just in time to make breakfast for the family.  While some might be wondering how he managed to start the coffee without waking up everybody, I always wonder how much he paid for his ticket.  Because if he paid too much, I’d love to tell him to use Hotwire next time, then I’d tell him about all the money I saved using the service.  But first I’d advise him to search Groupon and grab a code for Hotwire.  That way, he can save as much as 60% off a vacation in Hawaii.

With Hotwireyou’ll find Groupon deals for 55% off 5-star hotels, with some starting at just $79 per night.  You’ll also find deals that take 60% off car rentals and last-minute seats on flights.  When you can save as much as $422 dollars off a flight and hotel package, it’s time to start packing your bags.  Going home for the holidays was out of reach for many until Hotwire pioneered buying unsold seats in bulkand making them available to the public online.  When this innovative experiment turned into one of the most popular sites in the business, the company took off.  Now they can quickly move millions of travelers around the world at discounted prices that are unbelievable.  That is until you book a seat for yourself, then you’ll have proof that Hotwire does what it says it will do.  But be sure to add a money saving Groupon code to your booking so you can save even more.

Going home for the holidays, or traveling for business is easy when you can book your transportation needs in one place.  There’s no jumping from one site to the other, or calling hard to reach customer service reps who transfer you along until you’re ready to give up in frustration, and stay home.  On their easy to navigate site, you can quickly find the flight and add the car and hotel to complete your transaction.  And you can sign up for alerts to remind you to prepare for your journey.  Hotwire makes it so easy to book your holiday surprise trip the only thing you’ll have to remember is to stop and buy the coffee on the way home.

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